My Payment Loan


Why Us

Why us

Why sell your future payments if you don’t have to?

Selling annuity payments – or even a portion of them – can be a lengthy and expensive process. It requires a court hearing and you have to pay a “discount fee” to access your money now. It’s also a permanent decision and you lose your future payments forever.

My Payment Loan is providing an easier way to access cash with loans against your future payment, rather than selling your payments.

A payment loan has many benefits including:

1. No obligation to sell

Once the loan is repaid, remaining payments are yours!

2. Good credit not required

Loan is secured against your lottery winnings, not your credit

3. Simplest way to access to cash

Up to $5,000 loan in as fast as 4 hours

4. Low 2.9% interest rate

Fair terms regardless of credit score